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Dominique Badger [AKA Nicki] [Owner + Brow Expert]

Focus- Brow Enhancement I Lash Enhancement

From an early age, I harbored a strong desire to be an entrepreneur. While the specifics were unclear—ranging from clothing to nails and hair—one thing remained constant: my unwavering attraction to the beauty industry. At just six years old, I transformed my bedroom into a makeshift “beauty parlor,” experimenting with makeup, hair, and nail art. And yes, I charged a modest fee for my services!

My journey took a decisive turn during my senior year of high school. Amidst uncertainty about my post-graduation path, I stumbled upon the world of esthetics. Having battled acne myself, I became obsessed with understanding skincare, makeup, and waxing techniques. At 18, I enrolled in an Esthetics program, and within six months, I proudly held my license.

The transition to the real world wasn’t without its hurdles. Working for salon owners primarily licensed in cosmetology, I often felt like the odd one out. Questions about my worth and potential lingered—I wondered where my true strengths lay. But adversity fueled my determination.

Life has a way of surprising us. At 20, I moved into my first apartment, urgently needing a steady income. So, I took a job at a brow bar, even though brow shaping wasn’t my passion. in fact, I loathed it. As it turned out, I had an innate talent for creating perfectly shaped brows. Suddenly, I realized, “I have something special here!”

Despite the challenges, I hustled to build a loyal clientele. In 2019, I began booth renting at various salons. However, that persistent feeling of being undervalued compared to my hairdresser colleagues nagged at me. In 2021, I decided it was time to change the narrative. I envisioned a brand that celebrated estheticians—a space where we truly understood each other.

As an advocate for estheticians, I strive to bring them to the forefront of our field. But my mission extends beyond that—I want to connect with women, inspire trust, and encourage independence.

Having faced financial instability myself, I understand the importance of resilience and self-reliance. My platform is a space where we celebrate female empowerment. During your appointments, we’ll have meaningful conversations that go beyond skincare, brows, and beauty. 

By 2023, our brand had blossomed. We moved to a larger location, assembled a team of five talented estheticians, and I stepped into my role as CEO. Today, I’m living my dream—a respected, female empowered brand, thriving in our community. And yes, I like doing brow now!


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