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Grow with us!


Our Mission

At Brows N’ Beauty Lounge, our mission is to provide excellent, niche services, with a focus on all things face; brows, lashes, and skin. Our guests choose us because of the exceptional experience they receive every time they book, during their service, and after. We believe that every guest should not only leave feeling confident, but also empowered after having meaningful connections with our professionals.

Our Culture

Brows N’ Beauty Lounge puts the esthetician first and at the forefront in our local beauty community. Each of our professionals uplifts one another by teaching and learning from each other. We want our professionals to flourish professionally and personally, and highly encourage a healthy work/life balance. We are proud to be the only esthetician-based salon in the Monadnock region, providing a safe place for estheticians to thrive in an industry that often undervalues our trade and expertise.

What We Offer

We provide our team with the tools to continue to grow, not only professionally, but personally as well. You can expect quarterly team and 1-on-1 check-ins to ensure that your business is continuing to grow, and that you’re working towards your goals in the workplace and personally. We offer education and use our time wisely by utilizing the education for marketing on social media or within our communities.

What Pros Are Saying

"Used to go for the cheapest eyebrow wax I could find until I visited with a gift certificate. I have never gone back to the cheaper salon eyebrow wax. The brow mapping and wax gives me perfect, pretty eyebrows. Any service you have at the lounge you will not be disappointed!"

— Karen Graveline

"This place is amazing! It’s so cute inside which is a true reflection of the level of service these women provide. Each space is clean and comfortable which makes for a spa-like experience. Every wax and tint I’ve had done is PERFECTION. Can’t wait to get in for my lashes and skin." 

— Abby Gerrish

Join us in our mission to provide excellent services, safe space for estheticians, and create an empowering experience for all.

Apply today and let’s grow together in the beauty industry!

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