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Welcome to Brows N’ Beauty Lounge

Our expertise in face-focused beauty
- brows, skin, and lashes -
serves to uplift our guests, enabling them to feel like the best versions of themselves, day in and day out.
We honor natural beauty and strive to enhance what makes you distinctively you.

The New Guest Experience

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What People Are Saying

"Used to go for the cheapest eyebrow wax I could find until I visited with a gift certificate. I have never gone back to the cheaper salon eyebrow wax. The brow mapping and wax gives me perfect, pretty eyebrows. Any service you have at the lounge you will not be disappointed!"

— Karen Graveline

"This place is amazing! It’s so cute inside which is a true reflection of the level of service these women provide. Each space is clean and comfortable which makes for a spa-like experience. Every wax and tint I’ve had done is PERFECTION. Can’t wait to get in for my lashes and skin." 

— Abby Gerrish


Our Specialties


Discover personalized brow care with our signature brow mapping and brow services. Consult with one of our experts to address your brow struggles, and explore solutions such as brow rehabilitation, lamination, tinting, and staining for long lasting, low-maintenance results.


Experience our specialized, result-driven facials tailored to address acne, hyperpigmentation, dry skin, and fine lines. Our skin expert offers in-depth consultations to analyze your at-home care and lifestyle factors effecting your skin health, providing personalized recommendations for effective care.


Tailored for the busy individual seeking a low-maintenance, yet polished look. Our skilled lash artists curate a lash map for your unique eye shape, and offer pops of color for added personality and flare in your extensions. By utilizing a perming solution, lash lifts provide your natural lashes increased visibility, and open up the eye area. 

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