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Gabriela Solorzano [AKA Gaby] [Skin Specialist]

Focus- Acne Expert 

With a lifelong passion for skincare, my journey into the world of aesthetics began early on. From experimenting with various skincare products during my formative years to gaining hands-on experience alongside seasoned aestheticians, I recognized the potential to turn my fascination into a fulfilling career.

Determined to receive a comprehensive education beyond mere state board exam preparation, I sought out reputable institutions. The National Institute of Medical Aesthetics (NIMA), with its distinguished curriculum and focus on advanced skincare treatments, presented the perfect opportunity for my professional growth. Through NIMA, I honed my skills in a wide array of treatments, including chemical peels, laser treatments, and microneedling, while also collaborating with renowned brands like SkinCeuticals, Alastin, Glymed, and ColorScience.

Eager and enthusiastic upon graduating, I entered the aesthetics industry with optimism and dedication. However, I soon encountered the harsh realities of an industry plagued by unethical practices. While working at two separate medspas in Las Vegas, I witnessed a prioritization of profit over integrity, with pressure to sell exorbitant treatment packages to clients seeking simple indulgence. Despite these challenges, my commitment to ethical standards and client well-being remained steadfast and it ultimately led me to how I want my clients to feel about coming to see me. 

In 2022, I made the significant decision to relocate from Las Vegas to Keene, eager to contribute my expertise and experience to a new community. However, the scarcity of aesthetics positions in Keene, despite its urban setting, presented unforeseen challenges. Despite initial setbacks, my perseverance led me to the welcoming environment of Brows N Beauty Lounge, where I found the perfect platform to showcase my skills and passion for ethical, results driven treatments.


Experiencing the vulnerability of the public in matters concerning skincare first hand, I felt a compelling need to address this issue head-on. Understanding the prevalence of acne and skin struggles and the lack of accessible solutions in the Keene area, I made it my mission to introduce Face Reality—a brand renowned for its efficacy and affordability—to the community.


By offering accessible solutions and tangible results, I aim to revolutionize the skincare landscape and provide much-needed relief to those grappling with acne and overall skin related challenges while ultimately creating a no pressure, safe space for my clients. 


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