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Emma Perez [Lash Extension Artist]

Focus- Lash Enhancement

I have always loved to work with my hands. As a kid I would ask for every jewelry making kit I saw, and I loved to build little fairy houses outside with my mom.


My journey into the world of beauty began with makeup, a tool I initially used to cover my acne. However, it soon became a canvas for creativity and self-expression. Despite my love for makeup, I hesitated to pursue this path because I was under the impression a cosmetology license would be my only option. If you know me, you know I hate doing hair. 

During my high school years, my family and I fell victim to the troubled teen industry. I was sent to a residential treatment program in Utah, where I completed my high school education. This experience, while challenging, was a monumental turning point in my life. It was here that I learned how to crochet, which my crafty self absolutely fell in love with.

After graduating high school in 2015, I toured several beauty schools, initially believing that cosmetology was my only option. However, I was disheartened by the thought of spending countless hours learning about hair, an area that didn’t align with my passion.

Fast forward to 2021, after overcoming numerous life challenges, I found myself attending beauty school. Here, I discovered esthetics, a field that resonated with my personal struggle with cystic and hormonal acne. I aspired to become an acne specialist, hoping to help others facing similar struggles, however i never fell in love with performing facial services.

During my time at beauty school, I stumbled upon videos of lash extensions online. As someone who has always loved working with my hands, the intricate and delicate nature of lash extensions immediately captivated me. I knew I HAD to try it for myself and, what do you know, I fell in love. I’ve been doing lashes since September 2022 - I started my course and got certified in March 2023 from the highly reputable Paris Lash Academy.

Today, I am a versatile lash artist who prioritizes the health of your natural lashes. I am passionate about enhancing and flattering your features. I absolutely love the transformative power of lashes and the confidence they can instill. I look forward to bringing your beauty vision to life!


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